Financial Help for Disabled Single Mothers

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Disability is a very unfortunate situation for many single mothers who would love the chance to work & provide a living for their children. But as depressing as it might be, the point of our website is to always have a positive attitude & live a happy life. Single moms who became disabled while working for their employer must discover why & how they became disabled. If the disability was due to the nature / demand of the job, this warrants a lawsuit or financial compensation for the single mom. However if a single mom became disabled while she was not working, then we will help you find disability financial aid for single moms.
i) Supplemental Security Income
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal government funded program that aims to help blind, aged & disabled people with little or no incomes. Funded by general tax revenues, its mission is to provide for basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Eligibility for SSI depends on your income & resources you own. Income is money you get in the form of wages, pensions & social security benefits. Not all of your income is counted when determining eligibility. For instance, the following exemptions are granted when counting your income:

* The first $20 a month of most income you receive;
* The first $65 a month you earn from working and half the amount over $65;
* Food stamps;
* Shelter you get from private nonprofit organizations; and
* Most home energy assistance.


You are eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income if total resources you own does not exceed $2,000. For couples, this limit is increased to $3,000 combined. These resources can be in the form of cash, bank accounts, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.

Do you want to know if you are eligible for SSI? Visit this Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool. It is a questionnaire that takes between 5 to 10 minutes & screens for the following benefits that you may already be receiving:

* Medicare
* Social Security Disability
* Social Security Retirement
* Social Security Survivors
* Special Veterans
* Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

ii) Easter Seals Disability Services
Easter Seals is an outreach program that allows people with autism & disability to live, work & play in communities across the United States. Very popular services it provides include child development centers, job training for people with disabilities & physical rehabilitation. Mission of Easter Seals is to address life’s challenges for disabled people and achieve personal goals. You should surf the organization’s website below for lots more information, here’s a summary of services provided.

  • Employment & Training – Workforce development services provides disabled people with skills to successfully enter the workforce or to return to work after becoming disabled. The organization helps disabled people learn new assistive technologies that help them overcome barriers in the home, workplace, school & in public.
  • Medical Rehabilitation – Medical rehabilitation provides services that allow disabled people learn new skills they need to work, play & live in their communities. Common services are physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech & hearing help & assistive technology, which is also a part of their employment & training program.
  • Children’s Services – Children’s Services provides high quality child care for disabled children. The mission is to allow the child to have dreams, hope, successes & goals to help them live a happy life. Child Development Centers provide state of the art tools & programs with individualized learning plans, qualified teachers & active parent partnerships. Go here to find a child development center in your State.


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Discussions — 3 Responses

  • Saundra Rojas August 9, 2016 on 7:03 am

    First of all I wanted to say I’m very happy to find out that there is help out there and I’m very grateful for it me and my child are both disabled and I am a single mother with no family it’s just me and him and I’m having a very difficult time getting his school clothes and school supplies and my car’s in the shop of course I paid what I could on it but I still owe $740 but I’m trying to get together I just would appreciate any help that’s out there that I could get anything at all would be wonderful and I want to thank you all for being there and doing this for everyone God bless you

  • Elise August 13, 2016 on 7:43 pm

    I inherrited my dads house high mortgage I am on disability need something I can afford so we could live my child is going on9

  • Greg July 20, 2017 on 10:05 am

    I see a lot of stuff helping women with children,what about a dad with children and he is disabled .What help is out there for him and his children ? I see there is more help for women with children then men with children. Dads should have the same rights for help as mothers do .