Financial Help for Divorced Women and Mothers

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It is estimated that 45% of women who go through divorce face lower standards of living after. Many single moms who used to live with their husbands have to move out of their homes, find housing where they have to bear all costs while still taking care of their children. If you are in this boat, don’t despair as most women feel intimated of facing all the bills due to the loss of their husband’s income. Fortunately, help is available for divorced single mothers who have lost incomes, are facing financial difficulties or are worried about their children’s welfare. In this article, we will go over financial aid programs for single moms including food stamps in your local state, child care assistance for your beloved children, Medicaid for your health insurance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and much more.

i) Food Stamps

Food stamps provide monthly benefits to low income families and divorced single moms to purchase healthy nutritious food for their families and generally upgrade their welfare. Eligibility requirements include recipients must be citizens of the United States or qualified aliens and have low incomes. Divorced mothers who feel financially overburdened due to loss of income may apply for food stamp benefits to eliminate the worries about grocery bills. Conditions of this program include recipients must be looking for work or participate in a work training program. In the case of divorced mothers, you can apply for child care assistance (more on this below) while you work so your child gets quality care from a licensed care provider. Other eligibility requirements are you must not have more than $2,000 in assets or resources to qualify for food stamps. This is increased to $3,000 for families that have a member over 60 years or disabled. Benefits received under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program are not counted towards cash resources for food stamps. If you are worried about your welfare, be sure to apply for food stamps by visiting your nearest Social security office. To locate a Social security office nearest to you, enter your zip code here This will output the office’s address, phone numbers, maps to help you locate the building and business hours.


ii) Rental Assistance from Department of Housing and Urban Development

Divorce for single moms typically means moving out of the home and relocating elsewhere i.e. with a lower income. Fortunately, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has various rental assistance programs for low income mothers. They offer reduced rental apartments for low income families where you find an apartment that is enrolled with HUD and apply directly at the management’s office. Use this online tool to search for apartments in your city using State, Zip code, City or County and the number of bedrooms you would like. As an example, I did a random search in the state of Colorado using 81641 zip code. Below is a sample of output I received. You will receive the address of the apartment, phone number and contact email of management’s office. You should apply directly at their office. If you need advice with HUD’s services, you can contact a housing counseling agency, their toll free number is provided on their website below.


iii) Making Home Affordable

Making Home Affordable is an initiative of the Obama Administration to help distressed homeowners who are finding it difficult to make their monthly mortgage payments due to unemployment, underemployment or other reasons. Divorced mothers or women who lose an income will qualify for such assistance if they are homeowners.

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Discussions — 9 Responses

  • Jackie November 7, 2016 on 9:18 pm

    I need help with a divorce lawyer don’t have no money husband was the financial supporter delivered me do divorce papers I need help right away don’t have no money help

    • colby phillips Jackie July 20, 2017 on 7:54 pm

      did you ever find help with this my gf is going through the same issue currently

      • Lori colby phillips August 15, 2017 on 11:17 pm

        went through this no help. No lawyer will do it for free

        • Razz Lori September 2, 2017 on 5:22 am

          I’m not a lawyer but depending on your situation, your husband should have to cover or help cover your legal fees.. also, contact your local Bar Association to see if they can point u in a direction of finding a pro bono lawyer or legal aid or something… don’t sign or agree to anything until you get solid legal advice!!!

          • cara Miller Razz October 26, 2017 on 3:49 pm

            What about a Divorce mediator, if your divorce is amicable this only cost about 500.00

  • Marybeth Jefferson September 23, 2017 on 10:01 am

    I am in the process of a divorce. I can’t afford to move out. My soon to be ex can…but, won’t. Once he moves out, a hearing can be set so that I can receive child support and alimony. I believe he is waiting until our daughter has graduated from high school, so that he doesn’t have to pay me child support for her. I need to move immediately. He is even dating while we’re divorcing…and he and our children all still live together. This situation has been completely unbearable. He and his attorney held off on sending our divorce papers without my knowledge. He thought I was going to get a better paying job and then submit the divorce papers afterwards. I don’t know what to do. I just want things done fairly. Please help me.

  • Lynnette January 25, 2018 on 12:38 am

    Hello. I am a woman in a very bad abusive marriage. I have no children. Is there help for me so that I can live on my own
    ? I have no college degree but I am employable. I currently have no job. But I can get one and once I do what should be my next steps? It seems all the help is for moms and not just single women (motherless) And I think that is great but what about us women in bad marriages? How do we get out and support ourselves? Also I have no family, parents or friends. Please help!

    • Sheila Lynnette February 15, 2018 on 8:20 am

      If i didnt know any better, i would bet i wrote this. We are in the EXACT same situation..if you’d like, email me and perhaps we can talk.

  • Relissha Franklin April 22, 2018 on 10:46 am

    I need financial help my husband is not providing for our home. I filed for a divorce. He puts me out everyday. I have no job but I am looking?? I live in Tennessee but willing to relocate…