Government Grants For First Time Home Buyers

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It is very important for single moms to put a secure roof over their children’s head. This home is where the kids will come to everyday after school so it must be hygiene, secure & livable. For single moms that are breadwinners of the home, it is not particularly easy in this economy where jobs are scarce & housing becomes even more expensive. Also, interest rates for 5 year fixed mortgages are on the rise, which would also add to the costs of buying a home. This article is geared towards single moms who want to buy a home first the first time. Go here if you are interested in renting a government subsidized affordable housing for single moms.

Being a single parent, you must consider homes & choose one carefully that meets your lifestyle & living preferences. A single mom must look for safety, affordability & durability of the new home. Whichever area you choose to live in, whether a busy area close to downtown or in the suburb, you must make sure it is affordable and does not stretch your budget making life stressful. Also, the surrounding area must be safe & secure with good neighbours. If you decide to purchase a home, make sure to get it inspected by a property inspector to make sure it is durable & built to last.


i) Federal Housing Association (FHA) Loans
The Federal Housing Association (FHA) allows single moms to purchase homes with only 3.5% down payment & to obtain a 96.5% mortgage loan. The loan is typically issued by a financial institution such as a bank or credit union & is insured by the Federal Housing Association. The advantages of such loans are:

– Lower down payments
– Lower closing costs
– Easy credit approval

FHA First Time Home Buyers Program does not require a certain credit score to approve mortgage loans for single moms. Nor does it require your rental history. Visit their website below for lots more information. Sample topics they provide are how to buy fixer-upper homes, financial help for seniors above 62 years, how to make your home more energy efficient, etc.


ii) AmeriDream Inc. – Down Payment Assistance for Home Buyers
AmeriDream Inc. is a charitable organization that allows qualified low to moderate income single mothers to purchase homes at affordable prices, improve their lives & raise a family. The AmeriDream Down Payment Assistance program allows single moms to purchase homes by giving them the required down payment. This grant does NOT have to be repaid to AmeriDream and is considered a ‘financial gift.’ According to the company’s website, AmeriDream has helped over 250,000 families become home owners.

AmeriDream provides various other services such as Home Retention Program that allows people who are going through hardship in life such as loss of job, divorce, or serious family illness to retain their homes by providing foreclosure prevention counseling. AmeriDream also offers the Homebuyer Education Program that allows single moms to make good decisions when purchasing their home. Tutoring is available in English & Spanish and in physical classrooms & via interactive online classes.

AmeriDream Building Affordable Homes is another initiative by the organization that is developing 106 affordable homes in Southeast Washington, DC. Known as the Woodson Heights, the initiative will cost $30 million and is meant to provide a safe reliable neighbourhood for hundreds of eligible single moms.


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Discussions — 10 Responses

  • Lashawna Herndon August 27, 2016 on 11:58 pm

    I am looking to purchase a home for the first time for me and my kids. I wanted to know if there is a program that would pay the down payment and also low monthly payments. I am a single parent and having a hard time finding homes I can afford

  • Shanice Alexander October 19, 2016 on 5:46 pm

    I am also looking to purchase a home for the first time for me and my kids also the one on the way. I wanted to know if there is a program that would pay the down payment and also low monthly payments. I am a single parent and having a hard time finding homes I can afford.

  • Tiffany December 27, 2016 on 4:50 am

    I also am in the market for buying s house for my kids and myself. But am unable to afford the down payment. Any places that would help with that

  • Michelle tavernier March 12, 2017 on 5:10 am

    Hi I’m a disabled mom with my adult son with autism and my almost twenty year old dog who can’t climb stairs and either can I I have been looking for housing since May 2016 and my mother passed away I need to move now here I am having to climb stairs that is dangerous for me not only am I need extra painful OK pop out of socket and make it very unstable my doctor has told me no more stairs I’m currently getting injections in my knee cap try and help with it I also I’m working very hard to get my son back near where I live can’t anyone help
    Us ❓

  • Jane March 13, 2017 on 5:43 pm

    My daughter just required a piece of property…she wants to build …is there help out there for her she has one daughter…she doesn’t have good credit…

  • Patsie April 21, 2017 on 1:23 pm

    I am a disabled, divorced single mom of a 9yr old boy. I have MS and due to specialty needs need a handicap accessible home. My family has land for me to get a house built on because they live in the country but I don’t know where to go to get such help. Currently we are living with my parents but they are planning on downsizing and I was hoping to have more independence without living to far away from my support system. The equipment and space needed for me is also not atypical house so need some one that will work with that.

  • Angela Fina May 9, 2017 on 9:06 pm

    Hi i am a single mom wanting to buy a home for me and my son. I pay 1400 now in rent and would rather put it towards a home. Any help would be so appreciated.

  • Savannah jones October 1, 2017 on 9:26 pm

    Hello I am single parent of three kids I wanted to know if there any programs that I can apply for house or programs that I can do.

  • Tonya Andrews April 2, 2018 on 1:55 pm

    Hello I am single parent of four. I wanted to know if there is a program that would pay the down payment and also low monthly payments. Grants?? I am having a hard time finding homes I can afford.

  • Crystal W April 5, 2018 on 11:08 pm

    Hello. I am a single mother with 4 dependents looking to purchase my first home. I would like to remain the county I currently reside but home purchases are very expensive in the area. Are there any 1st time homebuyer grants, programs and/or assistance available that I would qualify for?