Help for Single Mothers in Iowa: The Definitive Guide

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The state of Iowa has an unemployment rate of 6.1% which is a lot better than the national average of 9.1% Still, many people in Iowa are in need of financial assistance due to other circumstances such as single moms who have gone through divorce, underemployed people or those not managing to secure full time working hours or poor households. Fortunately, there is financial aid available out there. In this article, we will overview the food stamps program in Iowa, child care assistance for single parents, housing vouchers & rental assistance subsidies, Medicaid health insurance, etc. We will also provide links to websites where you will find indepth information and be able to download application forms.

i) Food Stamps in Iowa

Food stamps in Iowa is known as the Food Assistance Program and provides monthly benefits to low income households & single moms so they can provide healthy nutritious meals for their families. Monthly benefits are placed on an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card that can be redeemed at major supermarkets & stores across the state of Iowa. Eligibility requirements include recipients must be citizens of the US, live in Iowa and meet some income requirements. Applications for food assistance benefits can be made online at Emergency food stamp benefits (within 7 days) can also be received by familes with gross monthly incomes less than $150 or bank accounts less than $100. This also means households with gross monthly incomes less than their mortgage/rent, utilies also qualify. Food stamp benefits can be used to purchase fruits & vegetables, fish & poultry, etc. They cannot be used to purchase items like tobacco, vitamins or alcohol.



ii) Medicaid Health Insurance

The Medicaid health insurance program in Iowa is jointly funded by the state & federal government and aims to provide essential health services to those who qualify. Services that are covered include doctor or hospital visits, vision & dental care, prescriptions & emergencies, etc. To qualify for Medicaid, applications must be citizens of the US, live in Iowa and meet income requirements. Medicaid is most frequently granted to children under 21 years of age, pregnant women, parent living with children under 18 years of age, disabled people, etc. To apply for Medicaid, visit Notice this is the same application tool as the one above for food stamp benefits. With just one application, you can determine your eligibility for both food stamps & Medicaid in Iowa, making the qualification process easier for residents.

iii) Subsidized Housing

The department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers subsidized apartments at reduced costs to low income families and single moms so they can secure sanitary, clean and affordable housing. To apply, you should find an apartment building that interests you and contact the management directly. You can search for subsidized apartments using this tool,Iowa Once management approves you for living at their apartment building, the cost of rent will be based on a co-payment which means you will pay up to 30% to 40% of your gross income towards rent while the government will make up for the rest. To learn more public housing options, visit the HUD’s website below.


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