Help for Single Mothers in Kansas: The Definitive Guide

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The state of Kansas has a relatively high unemployment rate of 6.5% as of July 2011. Single mothers with dependents who are out of work or surviving on single incomes are at risk of financial hardship because jobs are hard to come by. For this reason, the state of Kansas has various financial aid available for single mothers including Kansas food assistance program, Kansas Childcare subsidies, tenant rental assistance program, Medicaid Health Insurance, Kansas financial aid & grants for college students, etc. In this article, we will overview each of these financial aid programs and give you links to more information including how to apply, eligibility information, etc.

i) Kansas Food Assistance Program

Kansas food assistance program provides healthy and nutritious meals to low income families and single mothers. Once eligibility is confirmed, single mothers are given a Vision card which works just like a debit card. This card has a pre-authorized amount of money loaded every month and can be used at various supermarkets to purchase essential food items i.e. fruits, vegetables, fish or poultry, dairy, honey, jam/pickles or plants/seeds to grow food. It generally cannot be used to purchase non-essential food items like cigarettes, personal hygiene products, wine, etc. Eligibility for food assistance program is based on net monthly income. For instance in a family of 2, the maximum monthly net income cannot exceed $1,215. Also, the maximum value of assets you own cannot exceed $2,000 or $3,000 in a family with a disabled person or over 60 years. Visit the website below for lots more information including how to load and use your Vision debit card, how to get nutrition and food preparation information, how to apply for food assistance, family nutrition program, etc.



ii) Kansas Childcare Subsidy Program

The childcare subsidy program helps pay for childcare costs and is available to low income families and single moms in need of financial aid. Single mothers who receive food stamps or other temporary assistance are also eligible for the childcare subsidy program. To be eligible, the parents and child must live in Kansas and meet income requirements. For instance, in a family of 2, the maximum monthly gross income cannot exceed $2,246. The childcare subsidy is a shared program where the parents must also chip in money in to funding their child’s care expense. How does this program work? Single mothers with children under 13 years of age will choose a care provider i.e. a licensed child care center and will have funds loaded in to a Vision debit card. With this card, the single moms will pay their child care provider electronically every month. To apply for Kansas child care subsidy program, apply at any office, here are their locations: Visit the website below for full details on income eligibility, childcare provider lists, how Vision debit card works, etc.

iii) Kansas Medicaid Health Insurance

Kansas Medicaid provides affordable healthcare services to low income families and single mothers who would otherwise not be able to afford these essential services. Medicaid is a jointly funded program sponsored by the Federal and Kansas state government and pays for medical services for parents with dependents under 19 years of age, pregnant women and disabled people. In order to qualify, you must live in Kansas and be a US citizen or qualified alien. Eligibility is also measured by monthly gross income. For instance, in a family of 2, the monthly net countable income cannot exceed $352. If it does, then the children alone can be considered for Medicaid benefits under Medical coverages for children. For pregnant mothers, the monthly income standard in a family of 2 is $1,822. If a pregnant women’s and spouse’s income is below this level, she would qualify for Medicaid benefits. For full monthly income guidelines, eligibility information and how to apply, visit the HealthWave health insurance information website below.


iv) Kansas Subsidized Housing

The state of Kansas in conjunction with US Department of Housing and Urban development provides rental assistance and subsidized housing to low income families and single mothers who would otherwise not be able to afford rental housing. This program is known as Section 8 housing subsidy where an agreement between US Department of Housing and individual landlords are made. Low income single moms who qualify for subsidized housing find an apartment that is listed with HUD as subsidizable. The landlord offers rental housing at reduced prices and HUD will pay the remaining difference. For instance in some cases, if you pay 30% of your income towards housing, the HUD will pay the remaining 70% difference to landlords. If you would like to search for subsidized apartments, here is the link to follow:,Kansas How do you apply for public housing? Visit a PHA office nearest to you, you can find all locations here Eligibility for public housing depends on annual gross income. You can find out the gross income limit in your area by contacting your PHA office.


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