Help for Single Mothers in Nebraska: The Ultimate Guide

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There are many low income families and single moms who require financial aid in Nebraska. Fortunately, the State has many social programs for low income single moms including Food Stamps Nebraska, Child Care Subsidy for Parents, Medicaid for Low income families or Children, Emergency Cash Assistance, etc. In this article, we will overview some of these social programs, how you can apply and eligibility requirements.

i) Food Stamps Nebraska

This program is now called Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) and provides monthly food benefits to low income families and single moms so they can provide healthy nutritious meals for their families. SNAP money can be used to buy essential food items like fruits and vegetables, fish, meat & poultry or plants/seeds to grow food. They cannot be used to buy tobacco, alcohol, personal hygiene products, etc. Once eligible, monthly benefits are placed on an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card that can be redeemed at most supermarkets across Nebraska. To apply for food stamps benefits, there are eligibility requirements including recipients must live in this State, must be citizens or qualified Aliens and meet income requirements. For instance in a family of 2 people, the monthly gross income cannot exceed $1579 to be eligible for food stamp benefits. Also there are maximum allotments to each family. In the case of 2 people in a family, the maximum monthly benefits they can receive is $367. Are you eligible? Go here to find out! Access Nebraska lets you find out all social programs that you are eligible for including food stamps, child care benefits, emergency cash, etc. It will ask you questions regarding your employment income, housing costs each month including rent/utilities, etc. Or for further information regarding food stamps in Nebraska, follow the link below.



ii) Child Care Subsidy for Nebraska Parents

Child care subsidies come in especially handy for single moms in need of financial help because they either have to attend college or go to work while their child gets quality care. In order to qualify for child care subsidy, you must be working, going to school or going to counseling sessions. Single moms with children under 12 years or 19 years for those children that are disabled or mentally handicapped qualify for child care subsidy. Other eligibility requirements include gross income that is lower than the maximum limit. As an example, in a family of 2, the maximum monthly gross income cannot exceed $1471 to qualify for child care subsidy. Parents can choose care providers for their children provided they are licensed and trained in their fields. This includes licensed child care centers or family child care homes. Applications for child care subsidy can be made by visiting Access Nebraska lets you find out if you are eligible for statewide benefits including food stamps (see above), child care subsidies, Medicaid or Emergency cash assistance.


iii) Emergency Cash Assistance

Emergency Cash Assistance helps low income single moms and their children in times of emergencies when the situation is threatening to the well being or health of the family. To qualify for cash emergency assistance, a family’s gross income in a family of 2 cannot exceed $1,060. The Department of Human and Health Services (DHHS) in Nebraska will step in and provide payments for rent/mortgage, emergency food or clothing, moving/transportation costs, medical payments, etc. For full details and income eligibility requirements, visit the link below.


iv) Medicaid Nebraska

Medicaid Nebraska is available to low income families who meet eligibility and income requirements or those who are aged, blind or to children under 18 years. Medicaid in Nebraska is jointly funded by the Nebraska State government and the Federal government. It pays for essential medical expenses such as hospital visits, dental & vision, prescriptions, emergency care, etc. Applications for Medicaid can be made by visiting and selecting English or Spanish. Access Nebraska is a handy tool for applicants applying for food stamp benefits, child care subsidies, emergency cash assistance and Medicaid. It will ask you questions on your annual income, housing costs like rent and utilities, etc. It will then determine if you are eligible for Medicaid benefits.


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