Help for Single Mothers in Ohio: The Ultimate Guide

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According to data from Department of Jobs and Family Services, there were 291,148 unemployed people in Ohio in June 2016. Many low income families and single moms are either unemployed, underemployed or struggling to make ends meet even despite of having jobs. If you are in this boat, do not despair as there is help available. In this article, we will overview emergency financial help for single moms, food stamps for healthy meals, childcare assistance, subsidized housing and Medicaid from the state of Ohio. We will also provide links where you will find indepth information on each of these programs as well application forms. After applying, be sure to comply with any requests that these organizations send you including request to attend interviews. Most importantly, remain positive and best of luck!

i) Food Assistance Ohio

The Ohio food assistance program aims to provide healthy nutritious meals to low income families & households so they can live better lives. A household is usually a group of people who live and prepare their food together. Eligibility criteria include the household’s monthly gross income should not exceed 130% of the federal poverty level guidelines. Monthly household expenses such as mortgage, rent, utilities, medical payments & child support payments are also factored in. To apply for food assistance in Ohio, visit this website This tool is available in English and Spanish and lets you apply for benefits other than food stamps including Medicaid and Cash assistance benefits. Food items that can be purchased include fruits & vegetables, meat, fish & poultry, etc. Non essential items like tobacco, alcohol, vitamins, soaps or household supplies cannot be purchased with food stamp benefits. Monthly benefits are loaded on an electronic debit card known as Ohio Direction card. This card can be used at major supermarkets & grocery stores around the state to purchase grocery items. Each month, the family’s pre-approved benefit limit is loaded on the card.


ii) Ohio Medicaid

Ohio’s Medicaid program offers essential health services such as hospital visits, lab & x-ray, ambulance services, nursing facility care, vision & dental care, physician services, etc to qualified applicants. Eligibility requirements include recipients must be citizens of United States, live in Ohio, have a social security number and meet financial & income requirements. As a general rule of thumb, Medicaid recipients must have incomes that fall below 150% of the federal poverty level. Since these requirements change annually, it is best to apply for Medicaid benefits where they will ask for your gross employment income, as well as household expenses such as rent/mortgage, utilities, childcare costs, etc. Application for Medicaid benefits in Ohio can be made by If you do not qualify for Medicaid benefits, then you could apply for Medicare Premium Assistance Program (MPAP) that helps families or single moms with limited incomes and assets get medical coverage. Much more information is available on Ohio’s Medicaid website, see below.


iii) Child Care Assistance in Ohio

Program known as Helping Families Afford Child Care helps single moms or parents who are working or attending school find quality care for their children while they go about their business. To apply, you should contact the county department of Job and Family Services (CDJFS).To find an office nearest to the county you live in, visit this PDF file All child care assistance programs have a co-payment which requires the parent to share a portion of the cost of childcare. Exact co-pay amount depends on your gross income, how many children you have in childcare and the size of your household. The monthly gross income limit table on their website is from July 2009 which is really old. The best way to get accurate information is to contact a CDJFS office nearest to you using the link above, they will be able to tell you current information. Good luck!

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