Help for Single Mothers in Washington: The Ultimate Guide

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The state of Washington has several financial aid programs for single mothers & needy households. Life of single mothers in Washington is tough. Surviving on single income & paying for housing, food, medicine, transportation & other living expenses is very tough for single moms. For this reason, we will outline the food stamps program in Washington, Health Insurance for the State of Washington & college financial aid.

i) Food Stamps in Washington

Food stamps in Washington is known as the Washington Basic Food Program and aims to supplement the incomes of low income households so they can obtain nutritious meals & food for their families. Food benefits are given on a need basis depending on family size & income. For example, according to their website, a family of 3 with with a gross income of up to $3,052 will still be eligible to receive food benefits under the food stamps program. In return for receiving food benefits, you must:


i) Participate in a food stamp employment & training program
ii) Cooperate & comply with rules set out by Quality assurance.
iii) Complete request for eligibility review & possibly attend an interview.

Application form can be downloaded by visiting this URL:

If you require food benefits right away, fill this application form & hand it to the receptionist at the Dept. of Health & Social services office. Within 5 days, your application will be accepted if you meet any one of the following requirements:

• Your household will have less than $150 gross income and less than $100 liquid resources this month.
• Your household’s income and resources are less than your monthly rent and utilities.
• Your household includes a destitute migrant or seasonal farm worker.


ii) Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

The Housing division of the Department of Commerce in Washington provides funding to many housing providers across Washington who in turn help individual families & low income single mothers find affordable housing. Click on this Google maps link to find a housing authority nearest to your city for address/phone #. To be eligible for the TBRA program, your gross income cannot exceed a certain limit in the state of Washington. Visit this link to find the gross income limit in your state

As a general rule of thumb, your rental assistance program will require you to pay 30% of your gross income for your rent & utilities. The housing provider you choose (visit the google maps link above) will pay the balance of your rent & utilities. Also the housing authority will assign you a case manager who will advise you on the program rules so you can successfully apply for rental assistance. I suggest you visit the website below for all the information you need.


iii) Working Connections Child Care

Working Connections Child Care helps single mothers in Washington pay for their child’s daycare expenses. Eligibility requires single mothers to be working and to be citizens of USA. It pays for expenses such as:

• Licensed child care centers
• Child home care services
• Licensed family child care homes

Online application for WCCC is available at or printable forms are available at any local community service office throughout Washington. Upon approval, you will be sent a letter detailing your benefit amount & time period you are eligible for.

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