Help for Single Mothers in Wyoming: The Ultimate Guide

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Single mothers in Wyoming are faced with the responsibility of providing housing, food, medicine, transportation & other basic needs for their children. In this article, we will overview some food assistance, housing, health insurance & other financial aid available for single moms.

i) Wyoming Food Stamps Program

Food stamps in Wyoming is known as the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) & administered by the Wyoming Department of Family Services. The actual food benefits program is called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) & a pre-set amount of money is loaded to a credit card each month for eligible households. Single moms can then use this credit card is major grocery stores & supermarkets across the State to purchase their food items. In terms of eligibility, you can view the income chart on their website to see the maximum income you are allowed to have in your household to be eligible for food stamp benefits. As an example, a household with 2 members & gross income of $2004 or less can get $367 in monthly SNAP benefits.


Do you want to know if you qualify? Then visit the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Pre-Screening Eligibility Tool to find out. It will ask you questions on your monthly gross income, assets & resources you own & all your monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, daycare & medical expenses. Based on the information submitted, it will tell you whether you qualify for food stamp benefits or not. Visit the Departments’s website below for lots more information. Online application forms can also be printed via this link.


ii) Rental Help in Wyoming

The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) offers subsidized housing to low income single mothers & families. A representative of HUD will look at your annual gross income, whether you are a US citizen or qualified alien & your references to determine eligibility. It is important to have good references because HUD does not want troublemakers in its set ouf public housing units. Visit this link to find subsidized housing in your area and visit the management of the property to apply.

To apply for rental help, I did not manage to find an online application form for Wyoming state. However, to apply, visit a Public Housing Agency (PHA) – their address & phone numbers are listed here


iii) EqualityCare Medicaid Program

EqualityCare is the name chosen by Wyoming Department of Health for its Medicaid program. EqualityCare is a joint federal & state funded health program that pays for medical expenses of low income households, needy families & single mothers. Application for Medicaid for needy families & single moms can be made here Examples of services provided under EqualityCare are:

  • Home Health – Provides nursing & therapy services to needy families in their homes under a physician’s care plan.
  • Hospice – Offers health care services to terminally ill patients in their own homes under a physician’s care plan.
  • Healthy Together – Offers a personal health coach who will educate you on your illnesses, help you make better & healthier decisions & lots more.

iv) Wyoming Child Care Subsidy Program

Administered by the Department of Family Services, the Child Care Subsidy Program uses state & federal funds to help low income needy single mothers & families pay for child care expenses. Single moms are free to choose their nanny or caretaker of their children provided those parties meet health & safety requirements. The amount paid depends on the family’s income & cost of the nanny. There are income requirements that must be met. Also to get child care benefits, the parent must be working full time or attending an employment related educational program. Lots more information is available on the website below, so be sure to make a visit!


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