Low Cost Grocery Shopping for Single Moms

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Grocery shopping forms a large expense of any single mom’s budget each month. She has to make sure to provide nutritious & healthy meals for her dependents by buying various kinds of fruits & vegetables, as well as meat, grain or rice. Clipping discount coupons is not a very practical option for single moms because it takes too much time finding coupons & clipping them. Fortunately there are other ways to save money on grocery shopping. If you haven’t already read, be sure to read our article on Nutrition & Health Government Grants for Single Mothers.

i) One Harvest
Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide food relief & financial aid to single mothers. The program serves hundreds of thousands of families in over 45 states across the US. The concept of Angel Food Ministries is to provide $60 worth of fruits & vegetables for $30 to eligible single moms & families. One unit of food generally feeds a family of 4 for 1 week or a single mom for an entire month. The items of food are of the same quality as found in supermarkets. Specialty boxes of steak, chicken & pork are also offered.


The advantage of Angel Food Ministries is that there is no limit to the number of units of food a single mom can receive. Also there are no application forms to fill & no qualifications. Angel Food Ministries also works in conjunction with US Food Stamps program for single moms.

Samples of food items are:

– Bountiful blessing box consisting of Lasagna, bread chicken, meatballs, lean ground beef & more at only $41 per box (plus sales taxes).

– Allergen free food box consisting of chicken nuggets, tenderloins & chicken wings & more at only $25 per box (plus sales taxes).

– After School Box Just 4 Me consisting of chicken breast pieces, pepperoni pizza, cheese sandwich, grilled sandwiches & more at only $24 per box (plus sales taxes).

– No Child goes without box consisting of cereal bowls, mac & cheese, beef ravioli, pure honey, apple sauce & more at only $24 per box (plus sales taxes).

How Food is Distributed to Needy Single Moms

Angel Food Ministries distributes food boxes to over 5200 host sites across USA. These host sites then distribute these food boxes to individual needy single moms & families. Angel Food Ministries has over 45,000 volunteers & 210 employees working together for America. Go here to find a host site nearest to your zip code. The organization allows its customers to also order food boxes online.

The organization also helps out in charity aid for natural disasters & other unfortunate calamities such as the Gulf oil spill. An example is aid given to the unemployed & struggling people of Wakulla County, Florida due to the Gulf oil spill.

One Harvest has helped over 500,000 families since its inception in 1994. Visit the organization’s website below for lots more information or call them toll free at the # below.

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