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Here’s a very helpful video courtesy of Melissa from Ashworth College in Norfolk, Georgia. It is meant for single mothers who have jobs & are also attending college. Her tips guide you on how to schedule your day so that you can make the best of your career, get the most out of school & still have plenty of time to play with your kids. Here they are:

i) Schedule your time around your kids – Try to get up at 5:30am in the morning and get some studying done, before you get your kids up. Also, being enrolled in an online university will definitely help you plan around your kid’s time.


ii) Schedule study time with your kids – Set the time you spend with your kids as the same time you study. This will encourage them to study along with you & build better habits. Choose the best & comfortable place in the house where there is enough space for you & your kids to sit and study. This helps bring the family closer.

iii) Share your accomplishments – If you got a really good grade on your assignment or midterm exam, be sure to share this with your kids & spread the joy!

iv) Train your kids to search for answers – This enhances their research skills. Melissa gives a good example of how you can post your question online e.g. on mySpace & and when you get a response, show it to your kids. This will teach them to ask questions & do their research online versus just coming to you for an answer.

v) Studying and Cooking – If you can’t manage the combination, don’t! If something will be cooked in 10 minutes, don’t bother running to your books as it might burn while you’re away.

vi) Never give up – This is the most important tip & serves as a cool conclusion to the video. When you are a mother, you are everything to everyone. Life as a single mother is tough, but you should never give up and try to make a better life for yourself & your kids.

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