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Today we will review the website that is a network of tenants & landlords who list affordable housing & rental units for low income families & single moms. SocialServe handles millions of housing searches every year & has helped thousands of families find affordable housing across 48 states. The company has a toll free phone line that has representatives speaking English & Spanish help landlords list their rental units & tenants find affordable housing in their respective neighbourhoods. SocialService is a non-profit organization that has created this highly efficient & technologically advanced website that connects landlord & tenants. In fact according to the company’s About Us page, 75% of its users are individuals searching for affordable workplace housing.

How the Service Works

Tenants can search for affordable housing by rent $$, property type, location (zip code & state), bed & bath offers, pet friendliness, availability of public transit, smoking policy & landlord’s language, etc. Results can be printed via printer-friendly pages & sorted by preferences like rent, date available & location. This works well when you have to present your housing findings to a charitable organization if they are paying for your housing. Search results are displayed on a map allowing surfers to find locations based on proximity & their chosen neighbourhood.


A sample property details page shows the address of the housing unit, landlord’s contact information, date available, if utilities are included in rent, total rent amount & security deposit required, major appliances information, whether a credit/criminal check is required, smoking allowed, seniors only, pets allowed, parking & clubhouse or amenities features.

What Can You Afford to Rent Calculator

This is a very handy tool that asks for # of people in your family, total family income (in $/hour or annual salary), Section 8 voucher or # of bedrooms you need. It then outputs your total monthly rent you can afford to pay, and suggests you current available rental units in that price range. We did a sample search in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, GA for 2 people in the household with a median income of $35k. Below is the result we got. The tool says we can afford up to $875 per month which is 30% of gross monthly income ($35k). What I really like about this tool is the option of “What’s available at/under $875 a month.” Be sure to check this out!


If you are a single mom with low income & looking for affordable housing, be sure to check out Go here for other resources such as government housing grants and assistance for single mothers, government grants for single moms buying home for first time & daycare financial assistance for single moms.

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Discussions — 3 Responses

  • Denise Marsh April 22, 2017 on 5:17 am

    Yes I’m a single mom trying to find a place for me and my daughter cause I stay here and there rite now and tired of going from house to house with my child so if u could help me I would be grateful

  • Sharon July 16, 2017 on 12:15 am

    My name is Sharon and I’m not a single mom but have low income.My husband and I both work but we still need some assistance.Right now we are living with family with our four kids.We lost everything in the 2016 August flood in Louisiana.Ever since then rent prices sky rocket up.I search the internet everyday looking for an afforable home for my family in a decent neighborhood but unsuccessful.Is there some kind of assistance for a family like mines.Please help😟😢

  • kiesha April 18, 2019 on 4:36 pm

    hi my names is kiesha and iam a single mom an need housing for my familie iam looking for a 4 or 5 bedroom house it is 5 of us wen my son comes to stay out of town I need more space thank you I live in the Atlanta Georgia area dekaleb county I been having trouble need to rent a house thank you I work part time and have second income